Thursday, December 3, 2020




 Sati Shankar

 Abstract of the paper submitted for the 14th International Conference of the World Association for Vedic Studies (WAVES), Dec 2020 - Jan 2021 (


Hriday has different connotation to different people, to Rishis, it is One or his or her deity, for a physician it is a part of the body, to a poet or a lover, it is the lover. In aesthetics, it is the core of Rasa, Rasika and Rasawant, all at once. In the Vedic tradition it has been at the centre stage, right from the very beginning, but unfathomable to most but Vedic Rishis or seers. In the Veda, Hriday is equated to Divine, manas, cosmos both micro and macro, the non-living and living being, and to Brahman. Whole of the cosmos is interlinked with the central core, the Hriday. Even in Ayurveda and modern medical sciences, Hriday has been a controversial issue. Pragmatically, Brain and Heart, share almost equal claims to be synonymous to Hriday. Two Hriday have been accepted, namely UroHriday and SiroHriday, the seat of Buddhi, Manas, Chetana and Indriya. It is also proposed that there are two brains, one in cranial cavity and other is situated in Hriday itself. Here we take up Rig Veda 10.129.04, from the Nasadiya Sukta, one of the most famous hymns on cosmogony, also misleadingly called, the creation hymn as the starting point. The structure of the hymn is such that the  verses 1, 6 and 7 put forward unanswered questions on cosmogony and the verses 2 to 5, placed in the middle of the hymn, provoke the wisdom by leading into the, Hriday with a view that the seeker will find the answer on his or her own. Sayana /Wilson, rendered it as," In the beginning there was desire, which was the first seed of manas; sages having meditated in their Hriday have discovered by their wisdom the connexion of the existent with the non-existent." A careful review of scholarship and interpretation of this hymn during the last few centuries, reveals that the Manas-Hriday interaction is still a mystery. To have a deeper insight, a careful study of Manas-Hriday antahkriya, is indispensable. Our knowledge depends on our jnanendriyas. Paper ponders in some facts from Rigveda and Ayurveda to lay a few bricks to the bare foundations of the core of Vedic Cosmogony and Ayurveda.


Keywords:  Hriday, Heart, Agni, brain, Manas, Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhata, Ayurveda, Rigveda, Marma, Trimarmsiddhi, Paripalanam, Sadhaka Pitta, Manovaha, Sanjnavaha Srotas. Triguna, Tridosha, Mahabhoot

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